Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Media Manipulation from VIJAY TIMES

The recent article in Vijay times(dated 20th Feb 2007) which discussed IT protests,unfortunatley they mislead the audiences by saying only people of one community were present in the protests.

This is a clear manipulation from the responsible media like Vijay Times, the hidden agenda for this to separate a community based on the caste.

In the Sunday protest, representatives from all parts of Karnataka were present, irrespective of their caste, creed, ethnicity. The only common thing which binded them was "KAVERI". But VT thinks other way round, it can go any extent to get the cheap publicity.

This newspaper owe following answers to Internet community.
1) What is the basis of generalization ?
2) Where did they get the data from the regarding the ethnicity of the protestors?

3) Why the think gowdas only exist in B-M-M region ?
4) Where are the statistics collected ?
5) Why they indulge in Divide and Rule, is it a last resort to attract the audiences?
6) Why is an attempt being made to make this simple event a communal
7) What is the mileage the media is gaining by this?

We can excuse the reporter as a newbie for his immaturity, but was editor sleeping ??

We have blogged to answer ??