Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Knock,Knock ..any KAR MPs around ??

Karnataka MPs rank as the laziest and highest paid in India, thats what a common man thinks in karnataka

They have not raised a common voice w.r.t to any hot burning issues of karnataka.
The major issues were Classical Status/Metro/ONGC/CET/Farmers Sucide/Border Dispute on.

The MPs’ relaxed approach to their duties has frustrated the kannadigas. Supporting to this argument recent omission of kannada in LS hold an example.

Even worse, our MPs have a lighter work schedule than that of most professionals.
They hardly attend the sessions,during their presence they dont talk anything on state. When some state issue is raised, other states cutting the party lines unite. but we dont see that here.

See your MP attendece chart. This chart is taken from the Loksabha website.

Statistics shows that,

4 MPs have less than 30% attendence.
MPs have less than 50% attendence.
4 MPs have less than 60% attendence.