Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Sorry ..No Kannada

"Sorry..no Kannada", its a common statement we hear ofthen in the Malls, if u think i am narrating one such incident, then you go wrong. According to the letter written by LS secretary general P D T Achary on July 22, Kannada has been deleted from the list of 12 languages for which interpreters are available. Being a national language,which has more than 6+ Crore speakers kannada lost its status in the LS.

How does this impact.??
* The kannadigas deprived from the listening to their language.
* All 31 MPs elected from karnataka cant speak in kannada,if they do so its against code of conduct of the session.
* Major setback in gaining the classical status.
* This shows the step mother attitude of Center towards Kannada/kannadiga/karnataka. Going futher we can expect some more setbacks.
* The regional languages like Manipuri,Bodo,Nepali has a translator which hardly has 1-2 MPs. In other words they have 1:1, where as 31 MPs dont have a single translator.
Is it a conspiracy ??
Before we conclude that, we have to blame our elected MPs for being so ignorant of the issue. This shows their presence in the LS.
Suppose, if the same would have happened to TAMIL, definatley cutting across party lines, the MPs from Tamil Nadu will come together.This reminises me 2003 incident.

Definatley Parliment of India(Joint Recruitment Cell) shares the blame, they were so reluctant about the issue. They haven't appointed adequete backups for kannada,where HINDI has 10 translators and Tamil has 4. Instead of extending the contract of ex-translator(Basava Gowda),they are planning to keep that position vaccant for 4-5 months.

Are they recruting a new translator??
Answer is YES, the process has started, complete process may take minimum 3-4 months. The Advt for the same is as follows.

1. POST No. 1: Parliamentary Interpreter Grade-II* / Junior Parliamentary Interpreter** (Regional Languages) VACANCIES: 9*** (Kannada, Gujarati, Kashmiri, Konkani, Sindhi, Bodo, Santhali, Maithili and Dogri) in Lok Sabha Secretariat and 3 (UR) (1 Punjabi; 1 Gujarati and 1 Telugu) in Rajya Sabha Secretariat PAY SCALE: Rs.8000-13500 QLFNS: Master’s degree in any subject with the regional language concerned up to degree level. Desirable: Experience in Translation or interpretation work in Regional Language or Hindi****, and Degree in Hindi****. UPPER AGE LIMIT: 35 years.

Last date for submission:- August 21th 2006

Again they are recruiting only 1 traslator for kannada. The written exam and annoucement will take its own sweet time.

What we(our representing MPs) should do ??
* They should demand for extension of the old translator till they appoint a new one.
* Highlight this issue in/out of LS by speaking in kannada.
* All 31 MPS(cutting party lines) should meet the speaker Somanath Chatarjee and demand for justice. I strongly feel, karnataka MPs are not so powerful in raising their voice when it comes to Kannada/kanandiga/karnataka. Well, there are few exceptions in the recent times, Shivanna and Sadanada Gowda are name to few.