Monday, July 24, 2006

Bharatha, Hindi and EU.

"Bharatha Jananiya Thanujathe Jai Hai Karnataka Mathe" ……… is the famous poetic lines from our kannada poem written by the great rashtra kavi Ku.Vem.Pu, which emphasizes that Karnataka is the child of Bharatha and brings out the feeling of united ness among all Indians(bharathiyaru).
This feeling has been imbibed in us from our childhood and the meaning has rooted in our subconscious from a very early age …….

But one thing which keeps disturbing my mind is the simple question…..

When did we get the concept of the whole bharatha as a country?....

What is the history behind the name BHARATH…?

If this question is put forth among our elders or our teachers the common answer given by them is,

“ The name has been given to us from our ancestors and it’s a tribute to our legendary raja Bharatha who was a great ruler and has been the inspiration for the name.

This is the universal answer given by one and all…….

If we individual think in these terms and ask our self how much of it is true ,many interesting things come to our notice


This has been the question which has run over my mind several times.

Did Bharatha give this concept of one nation ,as time passed did the same thing fade away…many such questions arise……

Flipping through the pages of history we find 3 great kings with the name Bharatha who have remarkable ruled and carved their place among all other kings .



    He is the faithful brother who took hold of the Ayodya kingdom when Rama went for vanavasa. Though a great personality he did not have any hold over the kingdom during his rule and only place which he ruled was ayodhya .hence the concept of he ruling the entire geographical area which is hence know as Bharath is not explainable and doesnt make sence.


    The above given explanation holds good even here .There is no historical proof which explains that he ruled our present India. Hence this explanation also does not hold good.


    His father gave him the kingdom of ayodhya to rule .In order to have the entire kingdom for himself he waged a war against his own brother bhahubali and lost the battle .Hence it’s meaningless to tell he ruled the entire geographical bharath.

    So one things which is evident is that we weren’t ruled by one king .In the past, 56 state ( angha,vanga,kalinga,kambhoja….others) were existent .Each state had their own samskruthi ,language ,rituals …………in those lines only ,we today have 27 states .thus this shows that we did not have the concept of one entire nation, one language , one custom, one tradition….was not prevalent in the grouped states …

    Then why did we unite as a nation ?????What made us do so ??????

The answer to this is very simple .all credits goes to British. "A foes foe is my friend" is the concept which all the different provinces or states ruled by different kings adapted .the universal enemy for 100+ kings was the British people .Since each individual could not fight against the British empire all the kings joined their hands to throw British away from Bharath hence came the concept of unity just to pull the British out of our country …but there was no concept of one nation or one language.


Is it fair to compare india with Japan or China, where they lived together as one for 1000 years and spoke a common language for decades ?. The race,culture and religion is same among all. Its very unappropriate to compare with 50+ old India with them.

Best comparision would be with the Europian Union

Why ??

* Both INDIA and EU are founded on the same principle, the principle of ‘unity in diversity’: diversity of cultures, customs and beliefs - and of languages.

* Both has 21+ Official languages.

* Both has 25+ states/countries of diffrent culture and beliefs.

* The states/countries are very closely placed,where 100KM diffrentiates between 2 states.

EU is a role model for us,we can implement the same policys in our nation too.


If we search the roots of the language Hindi we reach the Muslim kings period .The Persian rulers spoke a language called ‘dhakani’( they ruled a place called dhakan ,might have originated from this ).This language is a mix of Persian and Arabic .The kings spoke this language and the common people developed another language which was called hindvi .that hinvi is now called as Hindi and dhakani as Urdu .

Clever north Indian politicians used Hindi and its dialects of 13 similar languages (mythili,dhrogi,rajasthani,kriboli.punjabi…).claimed about 46% of the people knowing Hindi.Hence the government emphasized on Hindi and gave it the honor of being our Central Official language. This meant to say that the state government could use Hindi or English as a medium of interaction with the Central Govt.

Hence the north Indian states(Region A) opted Hindi and south Indian states opted English. Going further , central government introduced lot of programmes to popularize HINDI and allocated money from budget.
That resulted in unnecessarily imposing Hindi on the south provinces, and giving Hindi the utmost importance.

Thus came the central government rules of introducing Hindi language in the education system as a compulsory language and initiated many organized program and stated attracting people to learn Hindi in the pretext of national language.

Chapter 4 Special Directives, 351 states that.
Directive for development of the Hindi language.—It shall be the duty of the Union to promote the spread of the Hindi language, to develop it so that it may serve as a medium of expression for all the elements of the composite culture of India and to secure its enrichment by assimilating without interfering with its genius, the forms, style and expressions used in Hindustani and in the other languages of India specified in the Eighth Schedule, and by drawing, wherever necessary or desirable, for its vocabulary, primarily on Sanskrit and secondarily on other languages.


So what makes kannadigas so affectionate towards Hindi

  • The enemity with the tamialians

    From centuries there has been lot of wars among the kannadigas and tamilian to have hold over the entire south India The kadabha dynasty founder mayura varma who fought against the pallavas is our idealistic hero .hence we have acquired the genes which projects our constant enemity with the tamilians.After independence Bangalore was under the control of tamilians there was constant conflict between tamilians and kannadigas .at this time Hindi existence was widespread .tamialians opposed the imposing rules with Hindi as national language by the national government .with the grudge against the tamilian we revolted their move and accepted Hindi as national language and failed to understand the reasons of tamialians

    Thus in order to win over them we crushed our self and our culture and gave importance to Hindi .

    Gandhijis Influence.

    Hindhusthan should have Hindi as the one universal language was what Gandhi told and made all Indians to learn Hindi. We took his words as blessings and started crazily learning Hindi . The only way to show our love towards our country was by learning Hindi and those who don’t learns weren’t the loyal citizens of India … was the mentality with which we started fighting with tamialians and dug our own grave .

    We started respecting Hindi more than our regional language and started developing inferiority complex against our own language. And continued watering the inferiority complex within us .Today its grown into a big tree and started hampering our own language ……..Still we are speechless dumb people failing to understand our mistake nor are we taking any steps to correct our mistakes.

    Lets think globally and act locally.